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Your needs

What you always dreamt

Tired of spending time planning your holidays seeking for plenty of information on various website/guidebooks trying to build the perfect trip ?

During a day trip in a new city, or during a long flight correspondence, stuck finding what to do during the short time you have in the area ?

Need to find a good restaurant in the way of your journey ?

What to do if the weather is forecasted to be unstable in the afternoon ?

How much will cost me my journey ?

We offer

All these dreams will become true

Generate your own optimised trip with your criterias for any cities - from the smallest to the biggest - and for any areas in the World.

Trips can be planned in advanced or instantaneously by using geolocation.

Totally reactive trip planning.

Find for you the best restaurants regarding your criterias to eat along your journey.

Take into account the hourly weather to build if needed an adapted trip.

Total estimation costs of the journey

We launch

You will not wait long

Estimated Launch Date : November 2016

Mobile platforms : iOS and Android

Languages : English, French